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Terms and Conditions

By completing the membership registration process, the customer agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions below and any other terms and conditions, notices and disclaimers anywhere on the Better Storage Australia website or registration form.

The customer agrees they will not send Better Storage Australia any dangerous substances, perishable items, explosives, flammable material, animals, plants or any items which could be dangerous to Better Storage Australia staff or any of its contractors.

Better Storage Australia takes great care to ensure that every customers’ belongings are kept in a secure and safe environment. However Better Storage Australia is no way responsible for any property customers place in storage. The customer agrees that Better Storage Australia, its directors, employee’s, agents and representatives are not in any way the bailee of any property which the customer may choose to store. Any property in storage is at the risk of the customer and Better Storage Australia shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such property and the customer agrees to hold Better Storage Australia harmless from any claims of any person for any damage to such property. The customer acknowledges that Better Storage Australia provides no insurance coverage for any property of the customer.  Better Storage Australia shall not be liable, directly or indirectly for loss or damage to the property of the customer, whether such loss is attributable to the negligent acts or omissions of Better Storage Australia or its agents and no matter what the cause of such loss or damage including fire, explosion, water, wind, theft, loss of heat, excessive heat or any other cause whatsoever.

Better Storage Australia uses professional courier services from around Australia for means of transporting the customers property to a designated storage facility. Better Storage Australia is not directly affiliated with any courier service in Australia and is in no way responsible for any loss or damage during transit.  Delivery fees are charged at the discretion of Better Storage Australia and the customer is by no way entitled to free delivery at any time.

The customer agrees that if payment is not made by the due date, Better Storage Australia has the right to dispose of the property by public or private sale and offer 10 days notice to the customer that Better Storage Australia is taking possession of the property and intends to dispose of it. Any proceeds from the sale will firstly be used to pay for this sale and secondly will go towards the amount due to Better Storage Australia. If Better Storage Australia is unable to sell this property it will donate it to charity or destroy it.

At any time Better Storage Australia reserves the right to terminate the customers membership and return any property to the original pick up location at the customers expense. If the customer is then in credit with Better Storage Australia, a cheque will be raised and posted out to the customer within 30 days.

Better Storage Australia may change its price structure at any time, customers will be given 60 days notice of any new pricing before it becomes effective. In the event that there is a price rise, the customer may choose not to continue storing their property with Better Storage Australia.  By giving a minimum or 30 days notice and applying in writing via email or post, the customers property will then be shipped back to its original pick up location at the customers cost.

If Better Storage Australia suffers or incurs any damage, loss or expense or is obliged to make payment for which the customer is liable hereunder by reason of failure to abide by these term and conditions including the necessary costs of employing a solicitor to handle any such incidents then Better Storage Australia shall have the right to add this cost to the customers account and any such amount is due and payable immediately. Any cost that remains unpaid after 30 days will be referred to a collection agency and the customer agrees that any additional cost by a selected collection agency will also be added to the total outstanding amount.

Promotions or specials run by Better Storage Australia, any agent, representative or affiliated group is run at the discretion of Better Storage Australia and can be subject to change at any time. Better Storage Australia reserves the right to cancel, stop or disregard any promotional agreement that has been paid for and will refund the customer if required by Australian law.

The cash back or referral program run by Better Storage Australia is available only to current paying customers and are entitled to one month credit to their account at the discretion of Better Storage Australia and it employees. At any time Better Storage Australia can cancel the referral program and any outstanding credits owed to current paying customers.

Better Storage Australia will only offer refunds in the case of fraud or at Better Storage Australia’s discretion. Requests for refunds must be made no later than 60 days after payment has been made to a customers account and requests for refunds will not be accepted after 60 days.  Duplicate payments made to Better Storage Australia will not be refunded but will instead be credited to the customers account.

Better Storage Australia reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time and was last revised on 01/06/2011